"We’ll All Be Moochers Someday. Yay!"

Shorter Jonathan Cohn: You didn’t build that.

On the off chance you need it, here’s a slightly longer bit from his piece today in TNR:

But the fact that the entitlement state has grown shouldn’t, by itself, alarm us. It’s actually a sign of progress, because it’s a reminder that the government has stepped in to do what the market would not. We saw, in the years before Social Security, what the world looks like when seniors don’t have adequate pensions. And we saw, in the years before Medicare and Medicaid and (now) the Affordable Care Act, what the world looks like when people can’t afford to pay their medical bills. It was not pretty.


Neither is the year 2027, when the US economy ceases to exist due entirely to the growth of the entitlement state Cohn worships.


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