Of Course the Game is Rigged

John Nolte:

Even as the media overplays polls showing a convention bounce and rig their own polls to keep that narrative alive another couple of days, what we’re seeing in these very same polls proclaiming Romney dead is that he’s leading among the all-important independents by double digits.

You would think that with all the focus the corrupt media places on the vaunted independent voter that the news of Romney winning them by double digits would be pretty big news. But if you think that, you’re obviously under the mistaken impression our media is anything other than a shilling machine determined to win Obama a second term.

But here you go…. Straight from BNN…. NEWS THE CORRUPT MEDIA CAN’T USE:

Today’s Washington Post/ABC News poll has Romney leading by 11 points among independents.

Last night’s CNN poll shows Romney up 14 among independents.


So how do you get from internals where Romney is way up to independents, to the headline number of a big convention bounce for Obama?

Simple. You cheat.


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