Obama to Dems: I'm Not Going to Spread My Wealth Around!

Well, we knew that already. But that evil predatory capitalist, Mitt Romney, is writing checks for three million smackeroos to the Republican House and Senate victory committees:


Unlike President Barack Obama, who’s drawn complaints for being stingy with his campaign cash, Mitt Romney is spreading the wealth among his GOP congressional allies.

Romney’s biggest grossing committee last month steered at least $3 million to boost GOP congressional candidates who will share the ballot with him, according to finance reports filed last week.

Romney Victory, a joint fundraising committee set up by Romney’s campaign and the Republican National Committee, on the last day of July transferred $1.5 million each to the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are so far behind in fundraising, that the big guns issued a warning to the President:

Obama’s campaign had transferred money to the Democratic committees in 2008 and 2010, but has yet to do so this year, despite pleas from top Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Reid and Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). They and other lawmakers have implored Obama’s campaign both to transfer at least $10 million to the Party’s congressional campaign arms and also not to max out wealthy donors.

All this comes courtesy of Ed Morrissey, who adds:

I’d guess that the fundraising problems had already become apparent by March, but not the risk of getting so thoroughly beaten on that front. They certainly knew that Team Obama couldn’t count on parity on the super-PAC front, but everyone assumed that the Obama campaign would at least keep pace with the Romney campaign, if not outraise them. Instead, despite Barack Obama having conducted a record number of fundraisers, far outstripping George W. Bush’s 2003-4 number months ago, Team Obama is more than $60 million behind at the end of last month.

The move is also interesting for another reason. Those conservatives who are less than enthused by a Romney candidacy have pledged to work for a Republican majority in the Senate and stronger majority in the House to keep Romney on the conservative policy path. As this donation shows, Romney seems to be in complete agreement with them.


The Obama camp had planned to run a Reaganesque “morning in America” campaign based on a booming economy, and to handily out-raise the GOP nominee.

They planned… poorly.


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