Priorities, Romney 2012

Fred Thompson on Mitt Romney’s tax returns:

I’ve been encouraged by the strong stand he’s taken. I know that others who have his best interest at heart have advised him to succumb, while others have said he must have something to hide. I disagree with both notions.

Based on what I thought was appropriate at the time, I have released my share of tax returns when running for office, and while I might have advised him differently a year ago, now I say go all in. I would not give one inch to an outfit that accuses me of killing a worker’s wife. Tell them to go fly a kite. Tell them that when Obama releases his grades and Harry Reid releases his tax returns you might consider it.


It’s the Democrats digging themselves a hole on this one — let them.

Besides, with Stef Cutter going AWOL after lying about the lying Soptic ad, and with Priorities USA on the defensive for what certainly looks like illegal collusion with the White House — the conversation has changed.

Talking about tax returns at all right now would be a mistake.


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