Google: Number One on Apple's Frenemies List

I haven’t installed an iOS 6 beta on my out-of-use iPhone 3GS, only because I haven’t felt like ponying up the $99 developer fee. And if the launch weren’t so close, I probably would, because the new Maps app looks so great. It doesn’t look so great from Google HQ, however:


Apple is not only disconnecting its native iOS 6 Maps app from Google’s servers, but will also redirect all third party app requests to its own mapping servers, immediately taking the majority of mobile maps traffic away from Google as it forges new strategic partnerships for mapping.

Apple’s new mapping software in iOS 6 marks an attempt by the iPhone maker to further marginalize its rival, Google. By taking away a significant source of traffic, Apple hopes it can help push Google quite literally off the map.

Google makes more money off search on Apple’s iOS devices than it makes on Android. And when you consider Google spent $12 billion to acquire Motorola just to help protect Android, it’s pretty obvious the search company is way deep in the hole in its whole mobile business. How long before Siri takes completely over iOS search, leaving Google way out in the cold?

It didn’t have to be this way.


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