"This is not how this works. At least not in a normal company."

Government Motors is anything but a normal company. Read what happened after GM’s (now fired) marketing chief tried to pay half of a billion dollars to put the company logo on Manchester United jerseys:


What is this, amateur hour? Apparently, someone is trying to push a story of the chief marketing man surreptitiously signing a $300 million (according to Bloomberg,) or $600 million (according to Reuters) deal, then someone finds out, the chief marketing man is fired, the contract is changed and signed two days later. Is this what we are supposed to believe?

This is not how this works. At least not in a normal company. There a deal sheets drawn up, and reviewed by Purchasing, which usually wants a better deal. Controllers get involved. Budget request are made, contracts are drawn up, multiple revisions are discussed between lawyers, multiple signatures are made. Proudly leaking a story of GM agreeing to a sponsorship deal without knowing its price is admitting that GM is run by the Keystone Kops.

You know why there aren’t any grownups at the RenCen? Because GM’s phony-baloney bailout made it impossible to install any grownups at the RenCen. Instead, we’ve got the World’s Largest (Or Perhaps Third-Largest) Automaker™ being run by a bunch of amateurs who don’t even know how to save corporate face over an advertising screwup committed by yet another amateur.


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