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Going Boldly

The rocket you see above is 25 feet tall. Upon launch near Pueblo on Saturday morning, it reached an altitude of 9,000 feet -- a ceiling imposed by the FAA. It carried 18 scientific payloads, 17 deployable. It accelerated from zero to 300 miles per hour in just five seconds. The second stage reached nearly 350 miles per hour, and ended up so far downrange you needed binoculars to see it. The N-class solid-fuel engines powering it produce 24,000 times more thrust than an A-class engine you might buy at your local hobby shop.

I was there. It was inspiring.

It's called the "FUTURE," and it was built entirely by students and United Launch Alliance interns.

So when somebody tells you American kids can't do science, you show them how the private sector can teach our kids.