You Can Judge a Billionaire Superhero By His Real-Life Enemies

A bad review for The Dark Knight Rises? Yes — from Catherine Shoard in the Guardian. And it’s not just a bad review, it’s a bitchy, whiny, moan-y review from a vile prog. Read:


All superheroes are black sheep. But the Dark Knight has always been murkier than most. His superpowers are not an accident of birth, or of stumbling into the wrong lab at the wrong time. They’re not powers at all, simply a simulation made possible by good fortune and the leisure that accompanies it. Bruce Wayne can splurge on the kit and cars to set himself up as a crime-fighting Christ substitute, plus power and glitter enough to hide his hobby. He’s always been a curious idol: within aspiration because he’s flesh and blood; beyond it because he’s the lucky recipient of inherited wealth.

So it should be no surprise that The Dark Knight Rises so firmly upholds the financial status quo. Christopher Nolan’s film indulges in much guttural talk of the gap between the 99% and the 1%, but it is the former who are demonised, whose revolting actions require curbing and mutinous squeals muting. Your average Joe, it turns out, requires a benevolent, bad-ass billionaire to set him straight, to knock him sideways, if necessary.


OK, not your average Joe so much, as a mask-wearing, gas-breathing, stadium-blowing-upping terrorist. But, hey, this is the Guardian, where one man’s supervillian is another man’s freedom fighter.

All I can say is, if TDKR has the usual left suspects so up in arms, this movie is gonna be good.

AND ANOTHER THING: The very first comment to the review reads:

Batman rocks

That. Is. All.

Even the Brits aren’t buying this class-warfare crap anymore.

UPDATE: Not so good here in Colorado. 14 dead, 50 wounded at an Aurora movie theater.


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