Playing the Carter Card

A few headlines.

Liberals Threaten Not To Vote In November Over Disappointment With Obama


Bill Clinton: Median Income Now Lower Than When I Left Office*

Obama Administration Looks Like a House of Cards

Obama Maintains Tenuous Advantage Over Romney

Romney, Obama Nearly Tied In Michigan, Poll Finds

FYI, the only one of these stories linked to a rightwing author is by Peggy Noonan. And I think in her case the “rightwing” is debatable.

In June of 1980, Jimmy Carter wasn’t as weak as Barack Obama looks right now. And, in the person of Ronald Reagan, the MSM had GOP candidate much easier to paint as an extremist than they have with Mitt Romney.

I’m not getting cocky, I promise. But I am starting to get a little excited.

*I’d subhead that one, “Apology retracted, Captain Needa.”