A New World Record!

Wow. Krugman is on a tear:

To be a modern Republican in good standing, you have to believe — or pretend to believe — in two miracle cures for whatever ails the economy: more tax cuts for the rich and more drilling for oil. And with prices at the pump on the rise, so is the chant of “Drill, baby, drill.” More and more, Republicans are telling us that gasoline would be cheap and jobs plentiful if only we would stop protecting the environment and let energy companies do whatever they want.


How many lies? Let’s count:

1. Keeping existing tax rates is not a “cut.”

2. $2.50 is not “cheap.”

3. Who’s promising “plentiful jobs” based on non-cuts and drilling? Some jobs are promised.

4. Who’s threatening to gut the EPA? No one.

5. Who’s promising to let energy companies “do whatever they want?” No one.

I’ve got five lies in three sentences. What’s your count?

And that’s just the lede, by the way — I refuse to read the whole thing.

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