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Wasted Day and Wasted Night

Wow -- now that was a nap. And it was as accidental as it was totally necessary.

We had a nasty little stomach bug running through Casa Verde. THe six-year-old had it last Sunday, then Melissa a couple days later. Our visiting niece dealt with it on Wednesday. By Sunday, I figured I must be pretty safe, having dodged it for a week.


It's vicious, but short-lived. Everybody else felt oogy all day, then fine by bedtime. As usual, I got it bass-ackwards. My stomach started doing flip-flops and my sweats started running cold right at dinner time. Was up most of the night doing unspeakable things -- and not in a fun way, like I spent the '90s. Everything was, ah, sorted out just in time to get two, maybe three hours of sleep.

This morning, I had an extra cup of coffee, taped Hair of the Dog while wearing enough makeup to cover any number of sins, and then passed the heck out. Back in a bit. Melissa is paging me from upstairs, and that's making me nervous.