Are You with Me, David Wu?

With a tip of the hat to Jim Geraghty comes a story that’s just grrrrrrrrrrreat for the GOP in Oregon:

One of the races easily lost in the hubbub of the presidential race is the special election in Oregon’s 1st Congressional District, which was, until recently, represented by Democrat David Wu. You remember him.

A new poll, commissioned by the campaign of Republican Rob Cornilles, shows the GOP nominee within striking distance of Democrat Suzanne Bonamici in a fairly heavily Democratic-leaning district.


Wow. But there’s more, this time from Moore Information:

As ballots begin arriving in voters’ mailboxes, Cornilles appears to be surging. This surge is likely the primary reason the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee has continued their aggressive spending and also helps explain the recent purchase of more than $200,000 in the Portland media market by the Democrat controlled House Majority Fund Super PAC.

I’ll be watching the special election very closely at the end of the month, along with an update or two to the Electoral College map.


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