Fist in the Nation

Jonah Goldberg wants to ditch the Iowa caucuses:

Let me be clear. I’m not anti-Iowa. I like the place. I’ve been there many times. I like the people, the food and, well, the people and the food will do for now. The Atlanticrecently published an outrageously snobbish, misleading attack on Iowa from some professor who apparently spent 20 years living in a state he hated, surrounded by people he considered to be boobs, hicks and Bible-thumpers. That’s not my complaint.

The reason the Iowa caucuses should go (and so, too, New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary status) is simple: Who died and made Iowans pope?


I have an even simpler reason: Huckabee.

CAUTION: Intemperate language ahead, but it’s an intemperately classic VP piece from 2008.

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