An Ancient American Tradition Since 1972 [FIXED WITH LINK!]

A twofer from Will Collier, who emailed me over the weekend to say:

Here’s a vote for the most unintentionally (I have to assume) funny headline of the new year:

Some Iowans fear irrelevance if Paul wins

Presidents Gephart, Harkin, Robertson and Huckabee were unavailable for comment…


Insert rimshot here.

And then the lovely and talented and occasionally lifesaving Beth Collier was on WSB-TV in Atlanta, talking about her hospital work with children. It’s fascinating stuff, and that’s coming from somebody who — before getting the facts — would have agreed with Will on this bit:

While driving my wife-to-be to dinner on our first date not quite ten years ago, I asked her what her job was. I knew she worked at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (since mutual friends who also worked there had set us up), but I couldn’t remember what exactly she did at the hospital.

“Music Therapy,” she replied. My inner crusty engineer kicked in, and I immediately thought (but fortunately didn’t say aloud), “That’s pretty fru-fru.”

Turns out, she does some pretty amazing stuff. Catch the WSB video at the link.


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