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Energizer Bunny Tries Xoom, Smacks Forehead

Walt Mossberg already got his hands on a Xoom tablet (of course), and reports that he only got 7.5 hours of battery life for video -- four hours fewer than his iPad. But then there's this:

There are some downsides. The ability to play Flash video—a big Android selling point—won’t work on the Xoom at launch. It will take some weeks to appear.

Battery life will only get worse -- potentially much worse -- once Flash is installed.

Honeycomb looks to be a pretty great tablet OS. But Xoom has fail written all over it.

UPDATE: But, wait -- there's less! From the Popular Mechanics lightning review:

In the hand, the Xoom is about the same weight as the iPad, although it's narrower bezel makes it look sleeker. The fit and finish, though, was a bit embarrassing. Maybe our Xoom was a pre-production unit that somehow slipped through quality control, but it had a raised seam across the back that felt as if the plastic were about to pop open at any moment and spill its circuitry all over the floor. Plus, I knew that 4G would have to wait until an upgrade was available, but I was totally shocked to discover that the microSD slot isn't currently functional as well.

The back is plastic?

Glenn Derene didn't mention battery life, presumably because a "lightning" review doesn't allow enough time to wind it down.