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The Authors Acted Stupidly

How to revive President Obama's standing? Put him in a new wrapper! That's what a couple of branding gurus say:

First, Obama has to acknowledge the problem exists. "People are not stupid, and if you deny their reality they will turn on you as a brand," says Kaskowitz.

Second, Obama has to be honest about his plans. "He does not want to be seen as defending himself nor attacking others for the problem. Instead, he wants to remain true to the core values that got him elected originally," Kaskowitz says.

Third, the president who brought us "hope and change" has to tell voters how he plans to correct the problem in a straightforward way.

And lastly, the Obama team has to remember what got him elected in 2008—standing for something bigger than partisan politics, says Kaskowitz.

Kaskowitz has, in my measured opinion, the situational awareness of a fossilized flatworm.