Days Like These

Busy day ahead. First, up to Denver to see my endo for the third time in the last seven weeks. I made an emergency appointment a couple weeks ago, because even after the RAI treatment my hyperthyroid symptoms were getting worse instead of better. Like, intolerably worse. So she took some blood and told me, yep, my numbers we’re going up again. But, she assured me, they’d taper back down over a couple weeks.

And sure enough, they have. After a completely miserable couple of days last week, I finally stopped losing weight, stopped sweating at anything over 65°, and stopped shaking quite so much. So I expect today’s blood work to look pretty good.

Then I race back down here to tape Trifecta, then off to a much-delayed and desperately-needed haircut. All in all, tonight’s drunkblog will probably seem like sweet relief.

Back in a bit.