Don't Worry: After the Next Election There Won't Be Any Moderate Senate Democrats

Do you know who is blocking the President’s bold tax plan? The one that will rescue our nation from financial ruin? The plan that will create eight million new high-paying green jobs by a week from Friday and scratch the chin of every single homeless kitten in the whole entire world? Who stands in Obama’s way? The Tea Party, that’s who!


Or perhaps not:

Moderate Senate Democrats are signaling strong resistance to tax increases in the President’s deficit-reduction plan, and the early disapproval within his own party will no doubt give Republicans on the deficit super committee plenty of cover to block any and all revenue-raising aspects of Obama’s plan.

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) told reporters Monday night that he’s put off by all the talk about increasing taxes when he believes the primary and only goal of the deficit super committee should be finding cuts to hack away at the deficit.

“Tax increases have to come second to cutting,” he said. “I was just home over the weekend and that’s what [my constituents] we’re all talking about.”

Of course, this story comes from the super-right-wing Talking Points Memo, so it’s probably all just made up. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go step on a kitten.


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