Never Straight But Gayly Forward

GOProud ends its silence after getting the boot as CPAC sponsors:

ACU board members do, however, have a legitimate argument for excluding the group. The conservative movement has long depended upon the unity of a coalition consisting of those who advocate economic liberty, strong national defense, and traditional moral values. “Movement conservatives cannot be expected to agree on everything,” says board member Morton Blackwell. “But no group which insists on the incompatibility of a major element of the conservative movement should have a formal role at CPAC.

GOProud, of course, doesn’t buy it. “Half of our membership is not gay,” says Barron. “It is perposerious for me to believe that those people cannot be social conservatives. I mean, hell, Ann coulter is chair of our advisory council.”

“Dick Cheney has a more progressive position on marriage than GOProud does,” adds Barron, who is, himself, married to a man (Barron obviously believes in gay marriage, but GOProud avoids the issue, arguing it should be left up to the states to decide).


As Stacy McCain likes to say, you can’t build a movement by a process of subtraction.

Another thing to remember: The future will be even more gay-friendly than today. So until it changes its ways, CPAC is not the future.


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