"Sorry, Tom -- you're out."

My post on Rick Perry, Jeb Bush and candidates who get dismissed for unfair or trivial reasons, got some attention from Smitty the Hardest Working Co-Blogger in the Blogosphere™. Smitty said:

In an otherwise agreeable post on the possiblily of Texas Governor Perry running, Iron Liver remarks:

. . .good candidates can be dismissed for trivial reasons. Ask Jeb Bush about that some time.

Not to say that Jeb is a bad candidate in the slightest, but the anti-dynasty sentiment is non-trivial.
As good as Jeb may be, I just don’t see him as so overwhelmingly better than the other possibilities as to overcome the dis-interest in YAB (Yet Another Bush).

More, not less variety is key to recovery.

Yeah, let me clarify that a bit. Jeb Bush isn’t the Third Bush I Wish We’d Get, but rather the One Bush I Wish We’d Have Gotten.