Hello, I Must Be Going

Since he won’t go quietly into that good night, Anthony Weiner (NY-Ick) might get bounced by Albany:

New York must lose two House seats in 2012 due to slow population growth, and one of those districts is almost certain to be in New York City. Mr. Weiner represents a sprawling district in Queens and Brooklyn that borders six other congressional districts and thus could be an easy target for elimination. Due to the Voting Rights Act, none of the existing districts with a majority of black or Hispanic voters can be realistically rubbed out. But Mr. Weiner lacks that protection and already sits in a district where he is on shaky political ground, having won with only 59% of the vote in the Democratic landslide year of 2010.

Keep in mind, it’s New York Democrats in control of the redistricting process. I’m pretty sure a GOP-controlled legislature would jump through hoops of fire into a shark pen to make sure Weiner didn’t get cut.