Friday Recipe

Not really. I’m still too full from the birthday dinner Melissa made to get adventurous in the kitchen quite yet. But since one reader demanded photographic proof, well — here you go.


We started off with an amuse-bouche of Garlic Basil Savory Cookie with Cherry Tomato Bite.

First course was this pork trio of Crespone & Secchi Salamis + Pork Rillette Toast + Artisanal Smoked Bacon. My endo, who put me on a low-sodium diet, doesn’t need to know about this one.

Second course, a seafood trio — Salmon Rillettes + Shrimp Scampi + Tuna Carpaccio. It’s not technically possible to make rillettes out of salmon, so Melissa tells me this was more of a chilled, whipped, salmon butter mousse. Whatevs. It was outstanding.

Duck trio! Duck Fat & Smoked Duck Breast Mini Pizza + Duck Pate on toast point +Smoked Duck Bacon. Duck bacon, I shite thee not.

Main course was a flight of venison tenderloin. Tartare + Carpaccio + Juniper Spiced. Instead of pounding the carpaccio paper thin, Melissa used a very sharp knife and counted on the quality of the meat for tenderness. It paid off.

Time for cheese. Crispy Parmigiano Reggiano Flatbread + Parmiggiano Reggiano Panna Cotta w Thyme with a Plum and Grappa Sauce + Parmiggiano Reggiano Ice Cream w Balsamic Drizzle. The ice cream turned out fine — until it went in the freezer and powdered up like some Wylie Dufresne creation. Wrong texture, right taste.

Finally, dessert. Very simple. Fresh Berries with Lemon Zabaglione.


Melissa tells me she will let me publish recipes, if she receives an appropriate bribe. Our wine that night was a 1997 Clos du Val Stag’s Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon — so aim high.

Still hungry? Last week’s recipe was Simple Spaghetti Made Simple, and well worth your time.


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