This Is How It's Done

Michigan’s new GOP governor is getting to work:

[Gov. Rick] Snyder met with the press before meeting privately with his executive staff, including Lt. Gov. Brian Calley. Snyder said he’ll use the idea of “dog years” to hasten his administration’s progress.

“Seven weeks is a year, and that’s how I like to measure time,” he said. “There’s 3.7 dog years in those 182 days, so can we get four years’ worth of work done in six months.”

“Woof, woof, “ someone said to laughter.

He said he will begin planning a budget without tax increases. Asked if he would consider eliminating some tax exemptions as a source of new revenue, he replied, “Our starting point is value for month. We need to show we’re being efficient first and foremost.”

He added, “We will balance the budget, and the goal is a two-year budget in the first half of the year.”


No tax hikes. Balanced budget. Are you listening, John Boehner?


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