Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Off my Twitter feed, JamesLeeASaB says, “This could be the biggest election upset you have heard NOTHING about!” What’s he mean? This:

Jacob Turk has mounted a total grassroots campaign to unseat Rev. Emanuel Cleaver in the 5th District of Missouri. He’s a former Marine, business owner, and a great man; the bad news is that he has already tried this twice before and lost to Mr. Cleaver both times. But this time just might be different!

That may help explain why the RNC, RCCC, the MoGOP, and even Conservative commentators on local talk radio have had written this one off. Granted, Kansas City, making up the bulk of Mo-5, is heavy, long-term Democrat territory. And, a poll commissioned in the last week or so showed Turk within about 9 points of Cleaver. Closer than ever, but still a long ways off.

As I’m driving home, however, I hear on the radio, that apparently a new poll (or polls?) have put Jacob Turk within the margin of error, tied, or marginally leading.

I met Jacob Turk in a men’s room at the Omni Shoreham in DC last year. No, not like that — we were both attending CPAC09. I’ve tried to book him on Coast to Coast Tea Party, but he’s been so busy (not to mention understaffed!) that we haven’t been able to put it together.

But it sure looks like he’s got his campaign put together. Missouri Fifth District Voters? You know what to do.