Sign O the Times

CNN really buried the lede in this story about President Obama’s weekend campaign appearance. Here’s what Ace Reporter Gabriella Schwarz thinks is the big news:


Incumbent Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick received some help Saturday from the most powerful Democrat in the country: President Barack Obama.

Most! Powerful! Democrat! These days, though, that’s hardly fit for bragging rights. Being the “most powerful Democrat in the country” is a bit like being the fourth tallest building in Tulsa. Schwarz might be the last person left who still thinks Obama still has his mojo working.

However, if you skip down ten more grafs to the very bottom of the story, you learn this little tidbit:

According to a recent poll, Patrick holds a seven-point advantage over Republican challenger Charlie Baker.

And the question that immediately comes to mind is, “With the Democrats in trouble all over the country, what the hell is Obama doing stumping for someone with a comfortable lead in America’s bluest state?”

Good question — I’m glad I asked it. Gabriella Schwarz didn’t ask, but as part of the Complicit Media, it might not have ever occurred to her. And you know what else? I’m feeling so generous this morning, I’ll even give you the answer: President Barack Obama has indeed lost his mojo.


Look, the President can’t just stay in the White House during an election season — dispirited Democrats would stay home in even larger numbers. He’s got to go out somewhere and be seen rallying the troops.

But Obama has become so toxic that his appearances for endangered Democrats now does more harm than good. So what to do with him? Send him to Massachusetts. Let him be seen. But fercrissakes, don’t let him be seen anywhere that matters. Just stick him up on a stage with Deval Patrick, sippin’ his Slurpee.


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