They'll Have to Sedate Her to Get the Gavel Back

It’s never too soon to yell “Ready, aim, fire!” to the Circular Firing Squad. Here’s the latest example:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday urged progressives and pundits alike not punish House Democrats in the 2010 elections for the lethargy and shortcomings of the Senate.

In a conference call with online reporters and bloggers, Pelosi made the case that had her chamber been given full control over the legislative process, both the party and country would be in a better place. But the Senate is a co-equal branch, and its procedural rules have forced either moderation or complete non-consideration of important reforms. The end product is, natutrally, frustration among Democratic voters and progressive-leaning thinkers. But as the party has been urged by economists like the New York Times’ Paul Krugman to do more on the job creation front, the Speaker stressed the need to draw distinctions.

“I appreciate what Paul Krugman says,” said Pelosi. “It would be helpful though if some of those people who are saying these things [noted] that the House did more. Remember, we did more. We passed jobs bill after jobs bill after jobs bill that were not picked up in the Senate because of the need for the 60th vote… we know what we need to do and that’s what binds our caucus.”


Please note that in what might be another historic first, Pelosi is taking on not just the members of the other chamber, but also bat-stuff crazy columnist Paul Krugman.

Imagine, if in 1998, Newt Gingrich had blasted Trent Lott and — I dunno, Cal Thomas? — on his way toward the exit.



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