Fighting the Meh Fight

Pretty much everybody has probably read the NYT writeup of Bob Woodward’s new book. But this is the graf that stuck out for me:

The president concluded from the start that “I have two years with the public on this” and pressed advisers for ways to avoid a big escalation, the book says. “I want an exit strategy,” he implored at one meeting. Privately, he told Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to push his alternative strategy opposing a big troop buildup in meetings, and while Mr. Obama ultimately rejected it, he set a withdrawal timetable because, “I can’t lose the whole Democratic Party.”


Something here doesn’t add up. President Obama campaigned on the assertion that Iraq was a “distraction” and that Afghanistan was “the necessary war.” And yet he can’t even sell his own party on the necessity of it? Either there’s something wrong with the Democrats as a whole, or with our Democratic President in particular.

Or both.


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