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Handicapping the House

So, you think President Obama had a tough week? Wait'll you get a load of what happened to the Congressional Democrats.

By Real Clear Politics' poll averaging, the GOP lock has jumped up three to 206 seats and the Democrats lost three to 196. That ten-seat deficit was a 202-202 tie just two weeks ago. When you consider how few seats are really in play, and that the campaign season doesn't really begin until Labor Day weekend, that's a remarkable amount of action.

From last week's polls, a total of 17 seats shifted -- and 16 of them moved right. Here's the visual, courtesy of 270 to Win's online tools.


If a district is red, it moved right this week. If it's blue, it moved left. Next week, we'll look at intensity -- but all we're measuring today is motion.

On now to the individual races, and we'll do this from left to right to further right.