An Uncomfortable Position

Who in the White House do Democrats hate more than anyone else? Who in the White House do Republicans secretly love these days?

Would you believe it's the same person?

And would you believe it's Robert Gibbs? Read:

House Democrats spent much of Tuesday firing themselves up over Gibbs' Sunday morning assertion that they could lose the House -- and then Pelosi stepped to the podium at a nighttime caucus meeting in the basement of the Capitol to tell her members and all the president's men how she really feels. Her aides already had gone through channels to express her displeasure to the White House, but Pelosi delivered the message directly to Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs Dan Turton, the top administration official present at the House Democrats' meeting. "'How could [Gibbs] know what is going on in our districts?' Pelosi told her members.

Um... because he can read the polls, Nancy?

More seriously -- but only barely -- fewer things are more entertaining than the time-honored classic slapstick routine called the DC Circular Firing Squad. And think about that for a moment. The CFS gets the "Ready, aim, fire!" order when everything turns to shinola so quickly that a simple well-pointed finger doesn't pack enough heat.

And yet... the Democrats control the White House and both sides of the Capitol Building, and by whopping margins. If they want laws, they can pass them. If they need money, they can borrow it. So what's wrong? To put it bluntly, liberal policies have crashed head-first into reality.

You know, the reality that we can't borrow our way out of a debt crisis, that we can't spend our way out of deficits, that we can't tax our way to full employment.

Oh, and the most hurtful reality of all -- that when liberals implement their policies, Americans don't like them. Not the policies, and not the liberals, either. Not one bit.