They Hear Us Five by Five

Trifecta: Another 600,000-plus Americans up and left the workforce just last month — so what does President Obama do next? You have questions, the guys have answers.


Plus, a plan. I call it “Five by Five.” It’s simple, it’s politically doable, and if the Democrats take it, they’ll wipe the floor with the GOP in November. And it goes a little like this:

• 5-year moratorium on new regulations
• 5-year moratorium on new taxes
• 5-year extension of current tax rates
• 5-year suspension before implementing any more Obamacare provisions
• 5 percent across-the-board, net spending cut from pre-crisis levels

Perfect? Hardly. But let’s look at these one at a time — from the Democrats’ point of few.

• Tax moratorium — a tough pill to swallow for Dems, but a necessary one as people continue to feel the economic pinch. Besides, job creation has got to come from somewhere, and threatening to tax the bejeebus out of job-creators hasn’t seemed to do the trick.


• Same as above, only now Obama can put his name on the “Bush tax cuts.”

• Anywhere from 55%-60% of Americans want Obamacare repealed, but that’s just not going to happen with the Democrats in charge. But if they promise to suspend it until the economy recovers, they could heal some self-inflicted wounds.

• In 2008, Obama promised a “net spending cut” from then-current levels. Well, here ya go.

And since there’s not a chance in hell the Democrats will use even one of my suggestions, I hope the Republicans will take them all — except for the Obamacare suspension. That turd needs to be flushed, twice.


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