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Sleepless in Seattle

Found a couple ledes from Apple Insider that just don't go together. Here's the first one:

In 2007, Steve Jobs set a big goal for Apple in launching the iPhone: 10 million phones sold in 2008. Microsoft is now setting the goal of selling 30 million Windows Phone 7 devices by the end of 2011.

OK, fine. But then there's the second story:

Ron Spears, AT&T's chief executive of its Business Solutions unit, told a conference audience this week that 40 percent of iPhones were being sold to business users and that the enterprise is viewing the device as secure, powerful, and even as a potential replacement for laptop purchases.

Enterprise is Microsoft's playground, and Apple nearly four million iPhones to enterprise users just in the last quarter? And Android already, or probably soon will, generates as many or more smartphone business sales than Apple.

So it's difficult-to-impossible to see where the market exists for 30 million Windows 7 phones.