Tablet skeptic Fred Wilson turns into a fan — after using one for a few weeks:

I realized that I had become smitten with it yesterday when I was headed to a place I like to grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat and read alone before work. When I go to this place, I take out my Google phone and read blogs and occasionally do some email. I wanted to take the iPad with me but decided not to so it could stay at home on the kitchen counter. Then I thought seriously about getting another iPad just for me. I’m not going to do that just yet, but the urge is there. I’ll probably wait for the first Android tablet and get that for my personal use.

So I’ve changed my mind about the iPad and tablet computers. In my initial review, I focused on capabilities. And tablets are stuck between the power and utility of the notebook and the size and features of a smartphone. But they also create a middle place in terms of usability. And that is what I missed in my first day with the iPad. It feels less like a computer than any computing device I’ve owned. It’s easy on me in a way that the other devices are not. So I’m now convinced that tablets will have an important place in our homes and our lives.

My 3G iPad finally shipped today — and it’ll be interesting to see if it instantly becomes a “family device,” the way it did for Wilson.

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