The Political Wisdom of Jim Henson

A call to bork Elena Kagan — from The Nation? Yes, indeedy. Check it out:

What is less remarked upon is that in her article Kagan proposed a model for a more vigorous and candid confirmation hearing—that of Judge Robert Bork. The process worked in that instance, she argued, not because of the particular result but because the hearings “presented to the public a serious discussion of the meaning of the Constitution, the role of the Court, and the views of the nominee; that discussion at once educated the public and allowed it to determine whether the nominee would move the Court in the proper direction.” In both popular and right-wing parlance, “borking” now means to vilify and defame a nominee in order to block his appointment, but Kagan’s description is in fact a far more accurate account of what happened—senators rigorously probed and considered Bork’s legal opinions and voted accordingly. So it is with this understanding that we propose, in the spirit of democratic deliberation of which she so eloquently wrote, that Elena Kagan should be borked.

Well then, in the wise words of the Swedish Chef… “Bork! Bork! Bork!”