I'm Blegging You

Please excuse to total blogging suckitude today and yesterday. The weekend talking heads shows required extra special attention, what with nuke & nominees vying for attention. Also, since you greedy bastages like all the pop culture references, I totally overworked YouTube to pull all the relevant video clips.

Why, yes, you can tie Neo, Homer Simpson, and a basket full of adorable kittens into one short political minisode. Or at least that’s what I keep insisting every time my contract comes up.

Later this week, I’ll be going live at a Tea Party protest, and tomorrow we’ve got some really good Trifecta ‘sodes to tape. And another Five Questions for Lileks and PJM Political and… crap, I don’t get to sleep until Saturday.

Too busy? Yeah. But it’s the good kind of busy. Stay tuned.