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Disempowering the Powerless (And Everyone Else, Too)

I just finished reading Charlie Martin's piece on President Obama's political prestidigitation -- and I suggest you do, too. In fact, let's call it this weekend's Required Reading. But to se tup my point, I'll go ahead and give you one snippet:

In the meantime, with considerably less fanfare, the Obama administration announced several other changes. They intend to accelerate the CAFE standards, forcing the U.S. auto industry to increase average mileage from roughly 25 miles per gallon to about 35 mpg. That is, a 40 percent increase in fuel efficiency. By 2016 — that is, in six years. [Emphasis in the original. And also, yikes.]

At this rate, Obama won't be just our first "post-American President," to borrow John Bolton's apt phrase. He'll be our first post-industrial President.

It's the dawn (dusk?) of a new Dark Age. And we won't even have to remind the last person with power to turn out the lights.