Turnaround Time

The old dictum states that amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics. StrategyPage has a logistical item for you:

Another sign that Israel expects to be attacked; air force ground crews are being trained to perform dangerous “hot refueling.” This procedure is used to speed up refueling of combat aircraft that have just landed, so they can take off quickly and get back to the fight. It’s called “hot” because the engine is kept running while the very explosive fuel is pumped in. This must be done very carefully to avoid an explosion. Not a good thing around an aircraft that are also having new weapons loaded as well. Most of the hot refueling training is done on aircraft that have their engines shut off. But you want to do it at least once, with the engine running, per ground crew, so the entire atmosphere of a hot refueling is experienced. This sort of thing is dangerous, and only done if it’s highly likely there is going to be a war.




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