Must-See Radio

St. Louis talk radio sensation Dana Loesch pretty much hijacked this week’s PJM Political. But I don’t hear anyone complaining. On our Loeschtastic show:


Richard Pollack, PJTV‘s Washington Bureau Chief interviews Senator Jim Inhofe, Republican from Oklahoma, and why he’s calling for an investigation of former Vice President Al Gore, in the wake of Climategate.

A look back at last week’s CPAC conference, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference held in Washington DC, starting with Dana Loesch of and her St. Louis-based talk radio show (and note that St. Louis is celebrating the one year anniversary of its first Tea Party today, as Dana notes on her blog). Dana has interviews recorded live at CPAC with a few names whom you may have heard of:

•Newt Gingrich
•Andrew Breitbart
•Ann Coulter

Then Glenn Reynolds turns the tables, and the microphones on Dana.

And we wrap up with our own Ed Driscoll and Contention’s Jennifer Rubin on Thursday’s health care summit.

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