A Pundit Says What?

Good chin-stroking piece from Steve Chapman — except for the dreadful conclusion. It’s just one line in an otherwise interesting column. Read:

The good news for Obama is that he has lost ground with the electorate mainly because of things he can’t control.


Well, um… no. Not even close.

Obama has lost most of his popularity due to the “success” of getting Porkulus passed, and those twin dreadful losers — cap & trade and health care reform. And all three of them were completely in Obama’s control, because he initiated and pushed all three.

And on health care and energy taxes, Obama’s epic fails were made extra epic, because after pushing so hard to get Congress to do things, he left the actual doing of things up to Congress. And when your congressional leadership consists of the most liberal members from the most liberal districts — representing beliefs held by maybe twenty percent of the electorate — well, Obama wasn’t exactly aiming for the bleachers. More likely, his eye was so far off the ball that he swung the bat directly into his own crotch.


All of which, every single bit of which, was exactly entirely in Obama’s control. Those were his decisions, his policies, his choices. His EPIC FAIL.

It’s painful to endure, almost as painful to watch… and yet I’m doing a little happy dance, anyway.


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