You Can't Tweet That on Television

When we tape this week’s Trifecta segments tomorrow, we’re going to try something new. Really new. Never-been-done-on-TV-so-far-as-we-know new. We record these things “live to tape,” as they say, even though we’re in three different states and there’s no tape involved.


But one of tomorrow’s segments will go out live on the air. Er, live on the internet. And we’ll be taking questions — in the form of tweets — from the audience.

Tune in at 4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific. Have PJTV in one window, and your Twitter account in the other. Tweet to us using the #PJTV hash tag, or tweet directly to @PJTV, @Scott_Ott, @BillWhittle or @VodkaPundit.

This could be fun. Also, we might fall flat on our faces. Which might still be fun.

OOPS, FORGOT: Tomorrow’s topic? You want to know that? Before the show? Oh, all right, fine. We’re talking about one-year anniversary of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — aka, “The Stimulus.” Also also known as: Epic FAIL.

Tweet us your questions or favorite examples of stimulus waste.


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