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It’s another big, big PJM Political. This week:

or not the GOP’s Scott Brown can surge in the final days of his campaign to snag a vacant Senate seat in a very blue state.

From’s Poliwood series, Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd dissect James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar. Is it a technical triumph or a lefty agenda laden piece of technojunk?

What will happen if President Obama doesn’t reconcile his inner-Jefferson with his inner-Wilson? That’s the question that Glenn Reynolds asks Walter Russell Mead, Senior Fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations.

Part Two of Bill Whittle’s interview of two Washington whistleblowers, and radical Islam’s infiltration of the American security apparatus.


As always, Ed Driscoll has put together a fine show, despite his insistence on having me host it.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the Smurf breasts. Ed’s very proud of the Smurf breasts.


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