Dude, Where's My Third Party?

Here’s one deficit you can bet the Democrats aren’t loving:

Republican Robert F. McDonnell and his supporters are outspending Democrat R. Creigh Deeds and his backers nearly 2 to 1 on TV ads in the closely watched race for Virginia governor.

That is unlikely to change in the month before the election Nov. 3.


I haven’t been following this race like I should — because it’s nearly as difficult to get excited about the Republicans as it is the Democrats. If the Republicans benefit from President Obama’s early stumbles — and Congress’s perpetual unpopularity — let’s hope it’s because they learned their lesson from the Bush years.

Because more Donkey Lite ain’t gonna cut it.

RELATED, UPDATED: In New Jersey at least, Republicans might not yet be done paying for their sins. (H/T, I/P.)


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