Terror in the Rockies?

Seems that way. Here’s the news from Denver:

ZaziAn Aurora man embroiled in a multi-state terror investigation has admitted to having ties to al-Qaeda and is negotiating a plea agreement with federal officials, multiple news organizations reported this afternoon.

The Denver Post has been unable to independently confirm the reports and one source, speaking on background, termed them “premature.”

Afghan-born Najibullah Zazi, 24, has repeatedly proclaimed his innocence and denied having terrorist ties.

The New York Daily News, ABC news, FOX news, CBS News, NBC News and CNN, all citing anonymous sources, reported this afternoon that Afghani-born Zazi confessed to having al-Qaeda ties during three days of interviews with federal officials in Denver.


Interesting to note — Zazi drove an airport shuttle, making him a familiar face to airport security. Also, and of no particular importance I imagine, the locals here often refer to Aurora as “Saudi Aurora.” Before it became a popular ‘burb, it was a whole lot of nothing.

Doesn’t seem so funny this morning.

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