Required Viewing

Mondays are Conference Call Day. That’s when Scott Ott, Bill Whittle, and I get on the phone to hash out our Trifecta topics, and try and give everybody at least a clue of what we’ll say on the show. If, you know, they can pick out a couple hundred from the 20,000-30,000 we all feel compelled to share on the phone. And poor Michelle, our producer, who you can feel itching to get off the phone and back to work.


And that’s just after the first 15 minutes. We go longer. Much.

Anyway. Whilst [“Whilst?” -ed.] we were all chattering, Bill promised that his new Afterburner was his “best work yet.” After seeing the last one, I figured that was just a boast. Trash talk, if you will.

But, no, I was wrong. Check it out.


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