Must-See Radio

Is it the best-ever episode of PJM Political? Maybe. Check this out:

Jennifer Rubin speaks with Sen. John Cornyn & Rep Dana Rohrabacher on DC’s response to the ongoing crisis in Honduras.

Five questions for James Lileks.
Glenn Reynolds interviews Erika Franzi of Asheville, North Carolina on “Organizing Tea Parties in a Hippie Town”, and the response, or lack thereof of her local represenative, “Blue Dog” Rep. Heath Shuler.

Pajamas CEO Roger L. Simon speaks with Rep. Roy Blunt for his thoughts on Cap & Tax Trade.

PJTV’s Joe Hicks says “The Gates Affair Was A Teachable Moment … About Obama’s Judgment & Leadership.”

Plus… Producer Ed Driscoll and I usually have a nice little chat about the issues of the week. This week, we tried to do an interview, and a rant came out. A rant o chock-full of ranty goodness, Ed had to edit it down to fit the show. You can listen to the Director’s Cut if you like, or the diet version at the top of the show.

Your computer, your rules.