You Make the Call!

On Twitter this weekend, I ran across Nick Kristof, intrepid New York Times columnist. Only I thought it was a parody Kristof, with tweets like these:

The One and Only

Pakistan can be so scary, yet is so hospitable. You never know if you’re to be beheaded or served tea. (3 cups, of course!)

Thanks to the Senate for blocking the F22 fighter. In Af-Pak, schools improve security more than war planes.

So impressed by @anncurry and her NBC crew with me in Pakistan. Great to see a network focus on humanity, not fluff.

Always amazes me how Dubai can turn a desert into an international airport hub. Checking emails in transit here. [Actually, I thought this was Parody Tom Friedman posted by mistake.]

But then I noticed in the corner where his Twitter page says, “Verified Account.” So either some prankster has convinced Twitter’s powers-that-be that he’s really Nick Kristof, or Nick Kristof does a wickedly funny Nick Kristof.