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Must-See Radio

This week's edition of PJM Political has been pirated from Sirius/XM Radio and made available for your downloading or streaming enjoyment. Mmm, a hot cup of fresh radio. On this week's big, big show:

We play an especially rousing game of Five Question for James Lileks, starring James Lileks.

From this week’s three hour special on PJTV.com, PJTV co-hosts Bill Whittle, Joe Hicks, and Sonia Schmidt discuss President Obama’s health care reform initiatives.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit.com interviews Republican Whip Eric Cantor, and Congressman (and MD) Tom Price on health care reform.

Pajamas Media CEO Roger L. Simon interviews Rep. Roy Blunt on health care reform.

Novelist, screenwriter and Pajamas Express blogger Andrew Klavan calls for greater tolerance for gay rights — or as he satirically titled his video at PJTV, “Eek! Gay People!”

Plus, Ed Driscoll and I talk about the F-22, the secret Arab-Israeli alliance, and the President's lame excuse for a press conference.

You can also subscribe to the iTunes podcast here.