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A Taste of His Own Medicine

Last night the President held a pre-prime-time press conference to rally support for his health care reform proposals, as (loosely) interpreted by Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel and the rest. Which is a bit like holding high tea to show support for your high school football team. Anyway.

What's everyone talking about today? Obama's premature dressing down of that Cambridge cop.

You know, even after a bunch of softball questions, it was remarkably easy to get the President off-message and to squander whatever momentum he had left on the whole health care thing. Even the press knows the issue is quickly turning boring, and is turning away from it. Now, even the President is turning away. And that could be fatal.

So I have to ask: Did we just witness a physician-assisted suicide?

UPDATE: See? Not even Stacy McCain is talking about health care reform, and he hates that pinko commie stuff. On the other hand, he does have some wicked Joan Baez parody going for him. Which is nice.