We’re trying out a little something new over at PJTV. Put Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and myself together, throw us a topic, and let us hash it out. Three hosts, rotating between three topics.

It’s fun to do, although my first time out as host was a little… rough. Note to self: Never join a conference call to work out a new show while driving a Wrangler down the interstate. Especially when the doors are off. I kinda missed the whole part where I was supposed to act all hosty as host.

Anyway, the first three episodes are up. I’ve got Michael Jackson, Bill has Sarah Palin, and Scott has Colin Powell. That’s the order we taped them in, and you can see us go from No Clue, to Getting Comfortable, to Barcalounger. Check’em out.

Constructive criticism is welcome, because we really are trying to figure out how best to make this work.