Dude, Where's My Eight-Hundred Trillion?

Not stimulating the economy was the plan behind the stimulus package all along. Read:

Yet analysts and federal contracting experts say that, in many ways, stimulus spending is going about as quickly as expected. Dispensing billions of dollars, it turns out, simply takes time, particularly given government contracting rules and the fact that much of federal spending is funneled through the states. Moreover, some spending was intentionally spread out over several years, and other projects are fundamentally more long-term in nature. “There are real constraints—physical, legal, and then just the process of how fast you can commit funds,” says George Guess, co-director of the Center for Public Finance Research at American University’s School of Public Affairs. “It’s the way it works in a decentralized democracy, and that’s what we’re stuck with.”

Then how about this lovely VodkaPundit Two-Step Plan:

1. Repeal the Stimulus Package immediately.

2. Declare a payroll deduction tax holiday just as immediately.

Boom. No more wasteful spending, and the since the Tax Holiday wouldn’t include income taxes, the money would go to those who pay proportionately the most in payroll taxes — the working poor and middle class. Oh, and people get to spend the money how they like.

Which is why it’ll never happen.