Bye-bye manned space flight? From Slashdot:

“Other recommendations contained in the bill include a $77million reduction in NASA’s proposed space operations budget, which includes the space shuttle and international space station; a $6 million reduction in science; and a $332 million shift in funds from the Cross Agency Support account to a new budget line-item included in the subcommittee’s mark. Dubbed Construction and Environmental Compliance, the new account would be funded at $441 million. Congressional aides said the new line item and accompanying funds are aimed at consolidating NASA’s various construction efforts into a single pot of money.”

I’m a small government guy, but NASA is one place I’d hesitate to make cuts – especially in an age when government is learning to make do with more, more, more. Why? Because space flight is one area where we get something unique for our tax dollars — a sense of wonder, unaccompanied by dread or disgust.

(Hat tip, Glenn.)